Project partners

The European Trade Union Confederation was founded in 1973 and represents 85 trade union organisations in 36 European countries, plus 12 industry-based federations.

The ETUC is one of the European social partners and is recognised by the European Union, by the Council of Europe and by EFTA as the only representative cross-sectoral trade union organisation at the European level. The ETUC’s prime objective is to promote the European Social Model.  To work therefore towards the development of a united Europe, in peace and stability, and wherein working people and their families can enjoy full human and civil rights with high living standards. 

DIESIS COOP, founded in 1997, is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels.  Its mission is to support the development of the social economy and in particular, that of cooperatives and social enterprises in Europe and in the world.   Through the implementation of knowledge-based activities, such as research, studies, training and project design it provides advisory services with technical assistance and consultation.

CGSCOP is the French General Confederation Cooperative of Producers’ Societies (worker cooperatives). It represents 1700 ca. cooperative enterprises with an aggregate turnover of € 3 billion and an aggregate membership workforce of 40 000 workers.  12 regional unions work on the day-to-day development of Scop while providing local and regional representation. Members of Scop represent three main sectors of activity: Building and public works, Communication and Industry.

A.G.C.I.   The“General Association of Italian Cooperatives” is a non-profit organisation and founded in 1952. Its institutional aims are the representation, attendance, protection and the supervisation of the associated cooperatives, operating in the many economic fields.

LEGACOOP Sociali is a national association which organises and represents the Legacoop social cooperatives.  It aims to promote cooperative policies and values while supporting social and entrepreneurial projects. With over 1700 cooperative and social consortia members, Legacoop Sociali brings together more than 60 thousand employees of whom 75% are women, 90% are worker-members and more than 8000 are  of disadvantaged groups. The total value its of production (Legacoop sociali cooperatives and consortia) stands at approximately €2,200 million.

LEGACOOP Servizi represents, supports and supervises member co-operatives in order to promote their development as modern and efficient enterprises. It drafts co-operative sector-based policies in agreement with Legacoop governing bodies. More than 2,500 service cooperatives are currently members of Legacoop servizi/Legacoop and in 2006 they recorded a total turnover of over euro 7,325,000,000. They offer a wide range of services ranging from transport to goods handling and to catering.  From cleaning services to hygiene and sanitation services, to passenger transport and the sphere of culture.

As a technical branch of the Main Italian Co-ops federation, Elabora fosters SMEs in their start-up, development and growth phase, with special regards to the cooperatives members of Confcooperative. The Confederazione Cooperative Italian was first established in 1919. Over the years Confcooperative has implemented a policy sensitive to the needs and changes of the social, civil and economic world. 

CONFESALis a national confederation of worker owned SMEs which was established in Madrid on the 4th of July 1987. With some 14.000 associated SMEs, CONFESAL is a plural, independent, participative, non-profit business organisation.  Its main objective is representing and protecting the interests of all companies and associations actively part of or associated to CONFESAL. They also contribute to entrepreneurial development and business establishment while creating stable employment opportunities thanks to the nature of these companies.

IRES Emilia-Romagna is a Social and Economics Research Institute. Founded in 1982 by the trade union confederation CGIL of Emilia-Romagna, IRES ER carries out economic and social research.  It also handles and documents activities, empirical analyses and databases relating to economics and collective agreements. This in collaboration with Associations, Agencies, Universities and scholars. Furthermore it is also responsible for the organisation of seminars, conferences and European meetings.

The IAFP – INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR FINANCIAL PARTICIPATION is a non-profit association which promotes wider  financial participation for employees with shared ownership in the business. This through the support and sharing of information among national associations, employers and interested academics. Founded in 1987, the IAFP is an association of members who share the same goals and objectives: the promotion of networking, sharing best practices among member country associations and employers; assistance in the organisation of new country associations to promote trans-border sponsorship; encouragemant of the development of national laws to sponsor the shared programs.

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