Objectives & Methodology

The project aims to:

  1. Identify estabilished/ing SCEs,
  2. Gain a better understanding of the number and nature of SCEs existing in Europe;
  3. Collect relevant public documents and store them in a centralised on-line archive;
  4. Draw a detailed map of a selection of SCEs with regards to their external and internal characteristics;
  5. Highlight the interaction between various economical, organisational and governamental features which involve workers in decision making at a transnational level through interviews and the direct investigation;
  6. Create an in depth overview of the issue related to the creation of a SCE, with specific regards to the legislative aspects and the involvement of workers;
  7. Gather first hand information on the role and impact of employees involved in the creation phase of an SCE;
  8. Identify good practices of employee involvement in the SCEs and provide in depth information of their functioning and positive outcomes;

The project aims therefore to provide a qualitative assessment based on the experience of existing SCEs and of those in the process of being established. Moreover SCEr focuses on the aspect of employee involvement, both with regards to the implementation of Directive 2003/72/EC and with regards to (best) practices of workers' involvement implemented both at national and at transnational level. SCEr will finally provide a clearer picture of the European “legislative” experience of SCE in relation to and in combination with the concrete realities, role, needs and aspirations of all actors involved.


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