The initial idea

The idea for the project derives from the consideration taken regarding the role that co-operatives could play in improving the current economic situation, possibly aiding the European Union in overcoming its current crisis.

Co-operatives embody a different economy which is developing alongside a new form of capitalism, as an alternative to it. It is a way of doing business with values of sustainability, sociality and economic democracy that are on a par with the quest for economic efficiency.

The European Cooperative Society (Societas Cooperativa Europaea – SCE) represents an important step in the direction of improving the present European market, bearing in mind both the need for increasing its business dimension and fostering the co-operatives model of doing business.

SCEs are a useful tool for co-operatives to expand and foster a highly competitive social market economy: in the completion of the EU’s internal market, with a tension to a higher social dimension.

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